Monday, January 5, 2009

Da New Year

We have been a little lax in keeping everyone up-to-date. We are still getting our bearings around here, which is no easy feet with all the CRAZY drivers. We have some "regulars" that we go to: Trader Joe's, the library, the Cowgirl, Goodwill, and Michael's craft store. STILL looking for jobs, but sure it will all come together soon. On Christmas Eve we did the "Canyon Walk" through the slush, with half the population of Santa Fe. We are still looking for the "amazing" lights : )... There has been a lot of time for walking the dogs, reading, eating, snowshoeing, painting (things other than ornaments), and crocheting. We rang in the New Year by having a wonderful dinner of Indian food with some of our new friends here and chill times after! Who knows what is next for all of us?!?

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