Saturday, November 22, 2008

The mothership has landed!!!

WE HAVE LANDED! We were able to visit with our friends in Arkansas. We drove out into the Ozarks and saw some real Hillbilly country then we got some southern BBQ for Brian's birthday! We got up early and drove for 10 hours and took a break in Amirillo, TX. Got up early (yup - 6am) yesterday morning and drove the last leg of the journey. I have to say Oklahoma, northern TX, and part of New Mexico is some of the flatest country we've ever seen. Cattle ranches, pastures, and windfarms pretty much sum up that whole area. Openness as far as the eye can see. Now we're in the mountains and it is SO different at 7000 feet above sea level- we got so dizzy on the drive in! We had to wait a little for our apartment to be ready, but we went out to dinner and then settled in. Luckily we don't have that much stuff and the house was good to go with dishes, pillows, etc... We have spent much of today acclimating to the altitude and settling into our new digs! We'll keep you updated!

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Sarah said...

Welcome home, friends! I'm so happy you all made it there safe and sound! I wait with baited breath for photos and stories!!